Skaggs Builders Inc
Skaggs Builders and Bender Lumber have a long history of successful building projects. Andrew Skaggs, the owner of Skaggs Builders Inc, has seen all of the changing styles and trends since he was in high school and remembers the struggles trying to make it through a downturn in the economy with sheer will, determination, and partners like Bender Lumber who helped Skaggs weather the storm.
Learn more about Skaggs Builders, Inc and how it all started in this testimonial.

Bender Lumber is proud to work with businesses like Josh Wisely Contracting.  As with most in the building business, mixing business concerns with personal concerns is challenging. Josh’s goals are to develop a system and boundaries. One of the ways he has created this balance is to build an office off-site that serves as a place to meet clients, vendors, and sub-contractors. 
Bender Lumber is looking forward to our long-lasting partnership with Josh Wisley as he continues to raise the bar in customer service building in Southern Indiana.
Testimonial by Josh Wisley

Bender Lumber is proud to work with businesses like Tony Kluesner Construction Inc. Read this testimonial on how Tony Kluesner uses the homes he builds as his canvas, near Linton, IN. He is also getting ready to retire - with his daughter and son-in-law taking the reins. Bender Lumber is here for support as they go through the transition.
Tony Kluesner Construction Inc Testimonial

Bender Lumber is proud to work with businesses like CA Miller Construction.
Read this testimonial on how Chad Miller started as wanting to be a teacher first and then changed by working for his uncle in the builder and remodeler business in school. 
We look forward to many years of growth with CA Miller and Bender Lumber.


CA Miller Testimonial

Two men standing in front of a newly built home with gray siding
Bender Lumber is proud to work with businesses like Tracy Fox Construction. Can you imagine going from factory work to a home builder? Well, that is exactly what Tracy Fox did when he started by building his own home.
Read this testimonial on how Tracey Fox started his business and how Bender Lumber is helping along the way.


Tracy Fox Testimonial