The Extra Mile Club

Bill Holler
Bill Holler
Extra Mile Club members and nominees have one thing in common, they enjoy their work and will accommodate most any idea to help someone out. Extra Milers often help our customers keep the promises they make.

On July 14th, our Washington store manager David Faith had just come back from being quarantined from a positive Coronavirus test. David had been out and still weak from the illness. Upon coming back, he realized his main boom truck driver was on vacation. The store had three deliveries that needed to be boomed. David was in a bind and needed to take care of his customers. Clients were depending on these deliveries.

David reached out to our Bloomington store manager Ed Craig for help. Ed was busy as well but willingly made a suggestion that Bill Holler, who was on his day off, might help. As you know, Bill, who is always busy, already had plenty to do however he was willing to help the Washington store out. Bill drove down and made two of the deliveries helping the Washington store keep its promise to his customers. Store manager David Faith nominated Bill Holler for the Extra Mile Club. This is exactly what the Extra Mile Club is all about. Having employees like Bill Holler is what makes Bender Lumber special. It is our people that make the difference. A big thank you to Bill for stepping in to help a sister store in need.
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